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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hartford Houses Of Worship: Charter Oak Ave Area

Our Hartford Houses Of Worship series continues with some places we found while exploring the Charter Oak Ave area around downtown.   Easily the most noticeable in the area is The Church Of Good Shepherd which is set back off of Wyllys St.  While we have long admired this church while driving past it, be have to admit to not even knowing the name.  We had always heard it referred to as "the big Polish church."  While we have no idea the ethnicity of the parishioners, we did see a Polish National Home just up the road if that counts for anything.

Whoever is going to this church is certainly getting to enjoy some pretty cool stone work.

While we had long admired the church while driving by, it is set back pretty far from the street.  The closer you get the more impressive it gets.

Don't know what "Feed My Lambs" is supposed to mean. Don't even want to try and speculate either.

Up Charter Oak Ave we found the Greater Joy Mission Church Of Deliverance. Just a slight bit more understated than The Church Of The Good Shepherd. Anything with the word "deliverance" in it tends to makes us a bit nervous. Don't judge, we're city folk.

Look what we found right around the corner.

Here another imposing church.  One thing we have been surprised in our travels through town is just how many massive, old churches there are in Hartford that we hadn't noticed before.  This, the SS Cyril & Methodius Church has been around since 1902 and is on the quiet side street FJ Popieluszko Ct.

Seems like an odd anniversary marker, but who are we to judge?

This building is right across the street. It isn't a church but it sure looks like it once was.


This office building is located right next to The Church Of The Good Shepherd.  Below is a picture of the structure right outside of this office building. What is it and what is unique about it?


  1. Is the last question a query or a quiz? That's the CREC, which a Google search says is the Capitol Region Education Council. I used to drive past there every Wednesday on the way to my kickball game, and never knew what it was until now! As for what the buildings originally were....???

  2. It's a quiz. There is something unique about the small building in front of the office building. I know what it is. Wondering if anyone else does.

  3. It's the old Equator Bank above ground entrance to an underground garage.