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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lest We Forget

Yes, it has been pretty hot lately. As tends to happen in New England from time to time, in fact all the time, it gets really hot here in the summer. Happens every year and yet always people always seem shocked by this development. Not here. We wait all year for oppressive heat. We love the city in oppressive heat, the smells and sights at places like Albany and Wethersfield Ave on a brutally hot day are what makes the city for us.

Another long standing tradition in New England is that before the summer comes, the winter visits. And this winter was brutal. Just brutal. So while everyone is complaining about the heat, we present this video done by our good friend Chion Wolf, photographer and announcer for WNPR. We suggest you watch the video, grab a Watermelon Ale or margarita and go enjoy the heat. Soon enough there will be eight feet of snow again and the wackys will be yelling about how the city didn't do a good enough job clearing it.


  1. Just the thought of last winter makes me happy to sweat!!

  2. Thanks I needed that!