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Friday, July 29, 2011

Not The Mercedes!

After our Welcome to Hartford post earlier this week, we received some car accident shots from our loyal readers. Sad City reader Eric C., who loves working in downtown for the panorama of experiences Hartford offers, sent this shot in.

 Let's face it, everyone stops and looks at a car accident. Who hasn't got backed up in traffic for 10 minutes only to find out the logjam is caused by people slowing down to gawk at a smashed up vehicle? This accident is interesting mostly because it features the mangled nose of an otherwise beautiful Mercedes-Benz. Terrible. We couldn't help but wonder if the gentlemen with his hands on his hips on the corner is the owner of this fine auto.

There's something about owning a nice luxury auto in a city that seems like an unnecessary risk. City life for an automobile is tough. Your car is going to suffer a certain amount of anonymous dings and scrapes just from being around town. It's like working in the kitchen of a restaurant, sooner or later, you are going to burn your hand.

A nice car in Hartford seems even more risky. Driving in Hartford, especially the South End, is literally  a fend for yourself proposition. Don't even think about how many of your fellow drivers have valid a valid drivers license or car insurance.

There seems to be utter disregard for any of the established rules of the road. Think we are exaggerating? Take a nice Friday or Saturday late afternoon and go do a few laps between Wethersfield and Maple Ave. For an advanced course on navigating Hartford, check out our guide on difficult intersections around town.

As a bonus game let's try and guess exactly what that object is in the middle of the road!


  1. You absolutely nailed it about the South End! What's amazing is just how many people are out and about during the day.

  2. Saw that Benz on the walk home from work yesterday. I can definitively say that the man with his hands on his hips is not the owner. I don't know much else, though. I do know, however, that I overheard him blaming the crash on an unknown woman in a minivan (supposedly).

  3. This crash happened 2 weeks ago. Must have been another one, dangerous intersection.

  4. With the damage on the front, chances are the accident was the fault of the Benz' owner.