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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Twitter Graveyard

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, at some point someone had to ask, what happens to dead people's pages? It's a grim question but one that ultimately has to be dealt with. From what we understand Facebook is allowing the families of the deceased to decide whether to keep a page up as a "legacy page."

Less grim and more fun are pages of now defunct brands. We happened to come upon the still existant, but dormant Twitter feed of Hartford's now rebranded AHL team the Hartford Wolfpack.
The page is pretty fun and sad at the same time. It's interesting to note that when this screen shot was taken the Wolfpack page is frozen at exactly 2,0000 followers. The background wallpaper of an empty locker room with jerseys hanging makes it seem as if the Wolfpack is still there, waiting for the return of players that have long moved on.

The Twitter feed itself is interesting too. On September 21 we see a retweet announcing a big press conference. The next day we see the announcement that Howard Baldwin is taking over the team. From then on it seems as though the Wolfpack Twitter feed knows its days are numbered. Two weeks later the feed announces opening night and the next day another game. Then the feed is blank for ten days before an awkward tweet at a female fan.

Finally we reach the final tweet and the end of the Wolfpack. On November 1, just as if the team discarded the Wolfpack costume into the closet after an all night Halloween party, the Wolfpack Twitter implores its fans to go follow the CT Whale. Since then silence. Seven and a half months of silence with the Wolfpack feed just sitting out there in the Twitterverse as some sort of digital memorial of the Wolfpack era.

RIP Sonar.

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