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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hartford Pay Phone #39 Stale Beer Edition

We never like to stray too far from our roots and The Great Hartford Pay Phone Search continues with our 39th confirmed Hartford pay phone. Pay phone #39 is located at a very nicely painted bodega at 166 Ward Street across from the Zion Hill Cemetery. While we are sure the purveyors at this fine establishment only intend to trade in the finest of wares, we have acquired some very interesting information regarding their supply of Budweiser.

Rumor has it that Bud that has passed the recommended freshness date gets rounded up and shipped to this fine establishment to be sold. Ehhh.... nothing like a nice old can of beer. When you stop by to use pay phone #39 pass on the Budweiser. Grab yourself a tasty Olde English 800 instead.

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  1. The original "dial tone first" pay phone was in Hartford as well, allowing emergency calls to be placed. http://www.telephonetribute.com/payphones.html