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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Legend of the Urban Quadder

There is no better time of year in the urban environment than summer. There's nothing better than the sun beaming down on a city and heat reflecting off of the concrete and asphalt. The sites and smells of the city during summer are different than any other time of the year. In summer Hartfordites embrace the warm season as a time to use "alternative" methods of transportation. Bicycles, you ask?

You so white!

If it has a motor and wheels, you'll probably see it being operated on Hartford streets. Mini-bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, go-carts, you name it, it's out there somewhere. Our favorite and one of the most popular, are the quads. Usually thought of in rural settings, the ever resourceful Hartfordites have adopted quads into urban use. With miles of surface roads, acres of parks and woods, and plenty of train tracks, the riding areas are seemingly limitless.

On any sunny day take a cruise through the South End and you are almost guaranteed to see some urban quadders. Though you might spot the urban quadder, you won't see him for long. Moving with speed and agility through the city, the urban quadder waits for no lights and obeys no traffic moves as he moves stealthily through the city like a ninja on a motorized hornet.

Here we see a rare photograph of the urban quadder in action as he proceeds west on Barker Street (home to Hartford's Most Insane Antenna) and approaches Franklin Ave, he comes upon a light so red that not even a cabbie would dare to run it. 

Ahhh, but as we see in this photograph the rules of mere mortals and cabbies do not apply to the urban quadder. In the blink of an eye he has crossed the red barrier and the heart of "Little Italy" and he quickly disappears from the reach of our camera lens.

A truly remarkable and majestic specimen!


  1. My first ever visit to Hartford, as I waited for the Bradley flyer to take me back to the airport in the early evening, I saw two quadders tear down Main Street. It was .... odd.

  2. my old office was on Wawarme, across from Colt Park. More quads, than cars!

  3. I saw a dune buggy once. Not. joking.

    1. Mini scooters are also called the "HOTTEST SCOOTER OF THE SEASON". Due to its light weight it’s easy to carry.

      mini scooters

  4. ah gots to get a move on - you folks ain't let me afford no car with gas - insurance- and taxes - i got's to pay me child support for ten babies of my girlfriends - and eat food - and buy drugs to relax - this city so rough- deny a man his right to travel and trip

  5. ray ray! shiieeettt