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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eddie Perez: I Never Learned to Read

The ongoing corruption case against Mayor Eddie Perez has taken a turn for the stupid.  Earlier this week, Perez resorted to the "I wasn't aware of that demand for $100,000 to vacate city-owned land that was made in exchange for political support in the North End" defense.

"For the second straight day, a top mayoral staffer testified that because Perez has great difficulty reading, his e-mails were screened, and the most important ones were given to him in the form of printouts, with staffers ready to assist him in quickly digesting the contents."

When hockey coach Jacques Demers admitted to not being able to read, we all found the story a bit incredible, but plausible.  The fact that a sitting mayor in major American city is unable to read his own emails is freaking ridiculous.

This whole thing reminds us of that scene in Wayne's World.  Too bad the only version of the clip that is available is in French.


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