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Monday, June 14, 2010

Unions and Gangs at Foxwoods?

Foxwoods is not in Hartford. It's not really all that close to Hartford, but in the last decade and a half Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have grown to be amongst the world's largest casinos. Monday brought news from Foxwoods Casino that the bartenders are attempting to form a union under US laws, after failing under tribal laws. Not surprisingly Foxwoods opposes unionization due to the, "higher costs a negotiated labor contract would probably bring." 

Clearly it is unfair for Foxwoods to have to negotiate with employees who have representation. This could cut into profits. Profits for the casino are good. It is clear that the profits from the casinos have allowed the State to use the casino tax revenue to improve the State's cities and schools. Who hasn't noticed the drastic improvement in Connecticut cities and schools over the last fifteen years?

In more important news, Playboy held a party at Shrine Nightclub located at MGM Foxwoods over the weekend. It went unreported by major news outlets, but here we noticed a pattern of flashing what appears to be some sort of "gang signs" in a photo array on many local websites.

Here we see a young man flashing the "V" sign which appears to be some sort of identifying signal.

The DJ shows his support by flashing the "V"

The young lady on the left here seems to be an important figure in the group as she flashed the "Double V" in a show of strength.

Is it all a coincidence or all they all fans of the flying V formation from the Mighty Ducks movies?

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