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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now the Tourists Will Have to Flock to Canal Street

Have you noticed Park Street has been really quiet lately? Ok, well maybe not all that quiet. Still one can't help to notice the lack of street vendors that can usually be found trading their wares on Park Street's sidewalks. Monday, Hartford Vice and Narcotics officers, along with an expert in counterfeit merchandise inspection, arrested a Park Street vendor for possession of untaxed cigarettes with intent to sell.
Police also confiscated over 300 pieces of counterfeit merchandise. We here at Sad City Hartford think we have dug up some video of the likely suspects booth. Notice the two customers inquire about a Rance Mulliniks jersey. Not a bad choice, but I'd probably go with the Jimmy Key, Matt Nokes, Danny Heep, Jose Canseco, or Tommy John. What throwback jersey would you buy?

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