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Friday, June 25, 2010

CONTEST WINNER: How to Fill Front Street? Hamsterdam!

Last week, we challenged Sad City Hartford readers to come up with an alternative use for Front Street, Hartford's years-in-the-making retail development that is nearly complete yet completely vacant for the forseable future. So without further ado, here they are.

ScaryBunnies and shagfrenzy via the Twitterverse had the perfectly fine and logical suggestion of turning Front Street into a Woodbury Commons-esque shopping destination with high-end brands at low-end prices. The idea is thoughtful, logical and would go a long way to help make Hartford a shopping destination of choice as it competes with places like Blue Back Square and other suburban shopping meccas.

But last night, a reader that asked to only be known as "Bunny Colvin" chimed in with a doozy of an idea.  The suggestion went as follows:

We need Hamsterdam!  They need to round up all of the dealers and junkies in this city, push them down to Front St. and then turn a blind eye to any drug activity. Then you could introduce public health programs like screenings, drug treatment and needle exchanges to really attack the drug issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the city would be free to regrow and improve because it doesn't have to deal with the violence or drugs.  Makes sense, right?  You've seen the Wire, right?

Of course we have, Bunny.  We're sure you knew that we, like most white people, are suckers for the Wire.  Congratulations on your contest win.  Let's hope our new Mayor sees eye-to-eye with you!

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