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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Filling Up Front Street - Sad City Hartford Contest

Have you heard?  Front Street, the years-in-the-making retail development that was intended to round out the new Adrien's Landing district on the east-side of Hartford, is nearly complete. 

 And while it's no secret that the space remains vacant, we applaud the developers to have the stick-to-it-ness to persevere and complete the project.  From the very beginning, Front Street has been like a Shackleton voyage to Antarctica, disaster after disaster has struck, yet the project would sojourn on...even if half the crew was dead and the ESPNZone franchise is gasping its icy death rattle.

But we are optimists here at Sad City Hartford.  That's why we are pleased to announce a new contest!

Using the power of our imagination and a healthy dose of Photoshop, we would like to see your suggestions for what should occupy that vacant space.  The deadline for submissions will be Monday morning, June 20.  The winners will be featured on the site.  Feel free to use the following blank slate photo to serve as a template for your artistic visions.

(Contest notes: Email us your entries.  Please, please submit your entries.  So far we have only had one single comment on the blog.  And while Google Analytics tells us that a decent number of people are visiting the site, we remain highly skeptical.  On the upside, so anonymous soul did bust our comment cherry earlier this week with a single word, non-sequitur gem.  Yay!)

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