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Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Bizarre Marketing Slogan

We drive around Hartford a lot and it's almost never boring. If we don't find a new place to explore, we at the very least see interesting stuff. We've always been amused by delivery trucks with interesting, catchy slogans. One of our favorites is Robinson Pest Control. Yesterday we came across a NY based fish delivery company with this awesome slogan.

Brilliant. The catchy, three word marketing rhyme. Great stuff. In a long history of eating fish, we have to admit, never once have we though of "meat without feet."


  1. I used to work somewhere that ordered fish from them. Definitely some of the best quality sushi fish around.

  2. Not sure which restaurants downtown order from this company, but I see that truck downtown regularly. Given that they're delivering fresh fish, that's a good thing!