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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lucky Taco Truck

On Monday we had to return a library book and stop by City Hall so we figured we'd grab lunch at our friends pulled pork food truck in Bushnell Park. When he wasn't there we had to consider our other options. Most consider the thai truck the top dog of food trucks in Hartford. We'd have to agree. We'd write about that except that we have two friends who have ate at literally every thai and pho place in the area and have promised us a lengthy review at some point.

Anyway, the thai truck serves large portions and we just wanted something small and quick so we could get on with our nonsense errands and wasting the afternoon away. We were happy to see what as far as we know is a fairly new truck, Lucky Taco. A quick peruse of the above menu and we decided on on a beef and pork taco. Regular readers are probably aware that one of our great joys in Hartford is eating meat wrapped in flour based shells.

For a measly $7 we got our two tacos and a drink. The wait was short. The beef taco was very good. The pork taco was excellent. We'd love to regal you with food porn like tales of what was in the taco but to be honest, it had normal taco stuff. Both meats were well seasoned. The beef taco had a great red sauce. The pork taco had an even better green sauce. The rest of the menu looks great and we will be trying it again. If you're in downtown looking for a cheap, quick great lunch, Sad City recommends the Lucky Taco truck.


  1. Just had the same combo, and I agree with the writer's assessment. The staff is very friendly, tool. I wish them luck!

  2. so where downtown might we find the lucky taco truck?

  3. On the Elm St bordering Bushnell Park w. a bunch of other food trucks.

  4. The Thai truck was recently closed down. Apparently someone got violently ill from eating their food.

    1. where did you find this out??? ive been looking for the thai truck for weeks!

  5. so how down-town might look for the particular lucky taco vehicle?
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