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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Caribbean Festival

Saturday we visited the Caribbean Festival on the Riverfront. Actually we visited it twice, making an early afternoon trip and returning a few hours later in the evening. The festivals on the Riverfront are usually hit or miss. Sometimes there is a huge crowd, sometimes the crowd is a little underwhelming. The Caribbean Festival was definitely in the hit category.

During our afternoon visit the Riverfront was already packed with people. We came down for lunch and found it at the Scott's Bakery stand with a chicken patty and cocoa bread. You can really never go wrong with cocoa bread. We've been tempted a few times just to order three cocoa breads but we don't think that's exactly a balanced meal. Along with the food vendors, there were merchandise vendors selling literally everything under the sun with the Jamaican flag scheme and Bob Marley on it. Have to hand it to Bob Marley's estate, he's certainly reached the Star Wars level of cottage industry merchandising.

When we returned later in the evening there were even more people and better, more animated music. The line for jerk chicken at one stand had to be 40-50 people long. After getting some great ribs for dinner and making it a full day of eating at the Riverfront, the rain started to come down. Though it didn't last all that long, the steady 20 minute downfall caused an early end to the night for many. A hardy few dozen remained out for the music, but a good three-quarters of the crowd and most of the vendors closed up early on account of the rain.

For reggae fans looking for more music LakeFest CT is coming to Colchester this weekend and promises to be a great show with a great lineup already announced. If you go and are looking for a place to eat, Plum Tomato is hands down one of the best pizza/sandwich shops one could hope to find. Would love for a Plum Tomato to set up shop in Hartford.

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