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Thursday, August 25, 2011


The selling of lactose powder and other agents used to cut cocaine in the narcotics trade at local gas stations is something that Sad City has posted about multiple times over the last year. Pipes, rolling papers and blunts are one thing. But openly aiding narcotics dealing is a little over the line in our opinion.

From our stories Councilman Cotto and his aide de camp Brendan Mahoney tried to introduce an ordinance that would ban the sale of these dilutants in local gas stations. Sadly the well-intended bill is stalled because of disagreement over how it will be enforced and other political skirmishing that prevents progress.

This week we ran out of J.Rene Coffee and had to go out and get our morning coffee. Errands lead us to the 7-11 Sam's on Prospect and Boulevard, which is just over the West Hartford town line. Here we encountered the glass case filled with bowls, sex enhancers, electronic scales, and narcotics dilutants all too common in Hartford. What made this curious is that this display was in West Hartford.

West Hartford is a town of many, many rules lived in by mostly self-identified liberals with an income that puts them solidly in the upper-middle class. Despite often praising themselves for being so open-minded and shopping at Whole Foods, many would just as soon pretend Hartford didn't exist.

 We doubt that any stations in Bishop's Corner have the same glass case hawking such wares. Still this Sam's is technically in West Hartford. It's our guess that if this was to creep further into West Hartford and/or the powers that be in town noticed this sort of nonsense the kibosh would be put on. Unfortunately, drug dilutants and electronic scales will still be widely available in Hartford.


  1. Isn't that 7-11 at 2120 Park Ave in Hartford?

  2. The tobacco shop in Bishop's Corner tucked back by the post office sells bongs and bowls and other products "for tobacco use only". I don't think they have lactose powder and sex enhancers though.

    Isn't lactose powder supposed to be a baby laxative? What if they had signs that say "for constipated baby use only"? Wouldn't that make it ok? (sarcasm, I don't really think that would make it ok I'm just pointing out what I see as a flaw in our legal system)