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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hunting Hartford

We've been perplexed by this sign ever since we first saw it at the corner of Park and New Park. Does this sign make any sense to anyone at all? A hunting association in Hartford? The sign indicates that the association is interested in hunting for some duck and venison. Nothing wrong with that, both duck and venison are pretty tasty, but where are they going to find duck and a six-point buck in Hartford?

While we've seen ducks at the pond in Goodwin Park the practice fields down the street from Weaver High, we are fairly certain it is frowned upon to unload buckshot in either area (enter unoriginal and trite Hartford Courant commenter comment here).

Alright, so at least there ARE ducks in Hartford. When do you think was the last time a six-point buck was seen in Hartford? (Ed. Note: Notice the proper hunting vernacular. That's right, we can go hardcore both urban or rural.)

We've yet to see either a buck or a doe in our travels around Hartford and we haven't heard of anyone who has. Our guess is the last time one was seen around here wan't all that long after this cool map was printed.

So back to this odd little association. We have to assume the club has either disbanded or moved and left their sign behind. The doorway and window are certainly suggesting that the area is vacated. There doesn't appear to have been any attempt to remove the graffiti that appears to be either a finger puppet or a phallus.

Our guess is this wasn't even much of a hunting association. More likely the club was formed (as most clubs seem to be) as a rouse for husbands to get out of the house and drink beers without their wives around. Think about it, it's a perfect plan "Honey, I'm going to the Spanish American Hunting Association meeting, do you want to come?" It's one of the oldest tricks in the man playbook. Women will recognize this move as a version of "book club."


  1. I saw a four point in Keney Park two weeks ago: http://yfrog.com/h367dskj.

  2. i've seen deer in hartford! the grassy area off the flatbush ave exit, the walking trail next to prince tech and up around avery heights off new britain ave. also coyote. hartford wildlife is hardcore!

  3. Few years back I was doing some photography in Cedar Hill Cemetery and stumbled across this deer:

  4. A deer ran across the road in front of me on Prospect right by Tangiers a few years ago. I'm guessing it must have worked its way over to Elizabeth Park and then wanted some more urban experiences. I have also seen them in Keney Park and once during a morning run at Goodwin Park, again a few years ago.

  5. Can you bow hunt anywhere in the City?

  6. Sorry to comment off-topic, but can we get a post on the state of Farmington Avenue through the West End? Not sure where/how to request that. Every year for many years I've dreamed of seeing steaming piles of asphalt making over that godawful stretch, only to be disappointed. This year they drew all sorts of lines and arrows on it but we're moving into the deep freeze again with no work crews, no surveyors, no steaming piles, nothing. Anyone who drives it in either direction knows what I'm talking about!

  7. BWP - No idea about bow hunting. No idea if it's legal to hunt at all in the city, gut says no, but who knows, already been surprised by the # of commenters who have seen deer.

    @Anon - good idea for a topic.

  8. Deer, unlike city residents, are a protected species.

  9. It appears that the closest place to hunt is in Bloomfield.