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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hartford Pay Phone #36 - Marathon Edition!

Pay Phone #36 in our Hartford Pay Phone Search comes to us from attorney/blogger/marathoner (Sad City will never be one of these. You guess.) Ryan McKeen who somehow in addition to blogging, lawyering, having a family, and taking pics of pay phones, found time to run the ING Hartford Marathon last weekend.

It's hard for us to decide whether running 26.2 miles at a clip is insanely admirable or just pure insane. The furthest we've ever gone is about 4 miles and it is just miserable. That said there is no lack of contestants in the Hartford Marathon so people seem to endure enjoy  it.

As if the fact that actually running 26.2 miles wasn't enough, have you ever actually looked at the winners times? Let's take a peek. That's correct, Mr. Too ran all 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 21 minutes. That seems impossible. How fast is that? Luckily for us the results page breaks it down, you know, because math is hard and all (especially with time.) Mr. Too's pace during the marathon was a 5:23 mile. Think about that for a second. Or first, go and try and run an eight minute mile. You've got to be going at a decent clip to do that. Then imagine doing it 25 more times in a row. Then imagine doing it a whole lot faster 26 times in a row. Hard to believe.

Anyway, we digress, congratulations to those that ran the marathon. It is quite a feat. Sad City would also like to mention neighbor and friend Hartford resident Beth Parker who ran the marathon in an amazing 3:14 good for 15th place amongst women.

Also congrats to half marathoners Sad City step father Darrell Netto who ran it in 1:50 and Sad City fan/friend/classmate and Hartford resident Colleen Vellturo who finished in 1:53. Y'all run a heck of a lot farther and faster than we ever will.

Alright back to this phone and hat tip to Mr. McKeen.

Now check out this super pay phone bonus with our full pay phone contest over at CT News Junkie Photo Albums.

For what it's worth we are willing to beat you can overhear some pretty awesome conversations on a pay phone outside community court.....

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