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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oodles of Noodles

Technically in West Hartford, A-Dong Market is perhaps the most interesting store to visit in the area. Upon walking in visitors are greeted by a case of plucked ducks (head and beak intact.) While that might be the height of the craziness the entire store is pretty mind blowing and somewhat confounding to those speaking only english. Many of the products are only labeled in the language of their origin with no english, leaving us to make an educated guess at what exactly they are. One area of the store is of particular interest, the corner of noodles.

Located in a back corner of the store, the noodle section is nothing short of staggering. There are more different types, brands, and flavors of noodles that we ever imagined existed. Tons and tons and tons of noodles. Being rather inexpensive (and being flavored noodles) this leads to an opportunity just to grab a few different kinds at random and try them out. For about $10 we've found we can get about a half dozen packages. While trying different flavored noodles isn't exactly the height of exploring cultural cuisine, they sure do make a good and easy late night snack.


  1. Their tofu is super fresh and cheap. A family can do their food budget some serious justice during these times of belt tightening.

  2. I just found this place a few days ago, it is a wonderful and wild wonderland of noodles and tofu and possibly unsafe meats. Love A Dong!

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