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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sad City World Series

With the Major League Baseball World Series starting tonight we decided to take a look back at the Sad City baseball championship. The Urban Shockers, steered by the steady hand of Hakaan, pulled away and won the regular season handily earning a first round bye. Also earning a first round bye with a second place finish was the suspiciously named Happy City Buffalo.

In the first round matches the Woodland Bombers were able to squeak past the Pirates of Hog River on a tiebreaker in an extremely close match. In the other match up Bristol's Finest was able to narrowly defeat Belle's Bombers, a team managed by Steve Goode and his daughter Isabelle, despite the Bomber's superstar Jose Bautista.

The semi-finals saw two upsets as Bristol's Finest snuck by Happy City Buffalo behind a big week by David Wright, whom Buffalo had dealt to Bristol earlier in the season. Even more surprising was the utter domination of the Shockers by the Bombers in a match that wasn't even close. Most experts found this upset to be as shocking as when A.J. Burnett pitched a decent game in the playoffs.

In the finals the Woodland Bombers kept up their white hot play buoyed by Matt Kemp and dominated Bristol's Finest to take home the first Sad City Fantasy Baseball Championship. The Bombers locker room celebrated with a shower of Newcastle beer and tunes by The Disco Biscuits. Congrats to the Woodland Bombers on capturing the championship and thanks to all who played.

Enjoy the last few games of baseball before the long, long winter.

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