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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Gorged At Woody's

From left to right: The Reuben & The Southern Slaw Dog
Woody's is pretty awesome. Located at 915 Main, we first reviewed Woody's in our Guide To Lunch In Hartford and have been slowly (and we mean slowly) eating our way through the menu ever since. It's been a slow trip through the menu because let's face it, it's 2012 and we all are all aware that hot dogs slathered in toppings aren't the healthiest things in the world and furthermore, we aren't exactly 18 anymore and our waistline (and heart) can't take that type of abuse. That said, when you want to take a break from the turkey sandwiches, blueberries, and celery, Woody's should be right at the top of your list.

Woody's does burgers and grilled cheese, but is famous for their hot dogs. From looking at the menu to the left, you should be able to see why. We've tried every dog on the menu except the Baked Bean and the Devil Dog, and it's hard to determine if anyone stands out from the others. Really it comes down to a matter of taste and what you're in the mood for.

All are good. Really good. Perhaps the most famous is the Deputy Dog, (pulled pork and cheddar cheese. Yes, on top of the dog) the hot dog that crazy dude on Man v. Food ate when he visited Woody's. We honestly can't even decide what our favorite is. Instead go to the top right and tell us what your favorite Woody's dog is.

So that would make for a great Hartford spot if that's all there was right? Well Woody's isn't quite done. Woody's also has a second side that is a bar decorated as a shrine to the Miami Dolphins. That's no exaggeration, as even the lampshades in Woody's bar are adorned with the Dolphins logo. It is literally wall-to-wall Dolphins memorabilia. It's really an important museum to the franchise, as it's good for the public to remember a time when the Dolphins were relevant.

Once done checking out the monuments to Dan Marino and Don Shula, you can get to ordering some beers. While Woody's isn't going to win any awards for the best beer selection in town, it's got just the type of inventory we look for; a couple good craft beers and a few "Old Time Classics" for those budget conscious outings.

Woody's is must hit spot on the Hartford circuit It's a popular pre-game spot for UConn basketball games, but that is the only time we have experienced any type of wait there. So to recap; crazy good hot dogs, a cool bar, and a good beer selection. That will always earn a total and complete Sad City recommends!

Oh and one more thing, Woody's has this disturbing Annakin Skywalker (apparently also a Dolphins fan) statute so we can all remember where we were when we saw the Most Disappointing Movie Of All Time and mentally reprimand ourselves for even considering the 3D version.

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