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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hot In Hartford: Schwartz vs. The XL Center

After a lengthy wait, Hot In Hartford returns for the second round of voting. Hey, if the damn Daytona 500 can get rained out for the first time in 54 years, a ridiculous poll can wait a few days. For the second round the candidates are seeded by the number of votes received in the first round. The top seed goes to lawyer/blogger Dan Schwartz who narrowly defeated John Dankosky in the most epic of all Hot In Hartford battles.

Mr. Schwartz faces off against the XL Center, our downtown arena and home to the CT Whale, UConn basketball, great concerts, and a bunch of other events. While the picture above depicts the infamous collapse of the building when it was the Hartford Civic Center, today the XL Center is alive and well and doing a great job entertaining those across central Connecticut.

 The XL Center recently released a new logo that early on has gotten, at best, mixed reviews. For whatever you might think of the logo, the XL Center is one of our favorite Hartford hangouts and has been providing Connecticut residents with great memories for an entire generation.

After Mr. Schwartz's unbelievable performance in the first round, many of the expert prognosticators were forced to revisit their predictions and he has to be considered one of the favorites. Will Schwartz continue his epic run or will XL Center patrons author an upset?

Who is Hot In Hartford?


  1. Mixed reviews? Not universally miserable reviews? I voted for the XL Center, but I loathe that new logo.

  2. I've said it before and I will say it again. Dan Schwartz is the Egg McMuffin of legal bloggers. He should win this running away.

  3. I'm not sure about the Egg McMuffin analogy, but he's running against a building for God's sake! Sure, the Center has lots of memories associated with it - but doesn't Dan's charm count for anything?

  4. Dan's charm is that he has no charm. Look at that picture for goodness sake. Does that look like a charmer to you? No. However, he IS capable of being more charming than a building with a caved-in roof.

  5. That Dan is a juggernaut. He destroyed the Civic Center. Who will be foolish enough to take him on the next round. I pity that individual. All hail Dan! King of the polls!

  6. What an ugly mug.

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