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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eddie Vedder Coming To The Bushnell

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame will be playing the Bushnell at a sold out show on June 18th.   While the idea of a rock star like Eddie Vedder playing the Bushnell might strike you as odd, it gets better. Vedder will be playing songs recorded with a ukulele on his album "Ukulele Songs."  That's cool. We are willing to give Eddie Vedder the benefit of the doubt on something like this.  But the show is accompanied by even more disturbing news. Eddie and the rest of his Pearl Jam bandmates are planning a music festival later this year in celebration of the bands twentieth anniversary celebration.  Pearl Jam has been around for twenty years? That is not cool at all.

While it's unlikely to get any sympathy from readers in the 40 and upwards range, we are continually disturbed by how many events we remember clearly that are now twenty years ago.   Do you mean to tell me that when we were listening to "Jeremy" and parents were all worked up about kids going to the prom in flannels was 20 years ago?  This is almost as disturbing as when last year Ken Griffey Jr. retired as a fat, slow, ineffective designated hitter (which also made us realize what older people meant when they said it was sad to see Willie Mays stumbling around the outfield for the Mets).

In our minds eye we are still very young but as the days go by we see more and more clues that this is just not the case. Some cases in point:

1) We used to like to go to the Half Door on Wednesday nights.  Now we avoid it on live music night because "all that racket" gives us a headache and we prefer to have conversation.

2) Speaking of conversation, our radio is on talk radio 95% of the time.

3) Last time we rode in a car that had Kiss 95.7 on we commented that we didn't see what the big deal was about Rebecca Black since all of "these songs" sound just like it.

4) While we really genuinely like all the Hartford Party Starters Union dudes and always have fun at their events, we have no idea who any of the artists are or even what to call the type of music they play.  Speaking of HPSU, they are starting up Tuesday nights events at Sully's today.  You should stop by. It's fun and we love the tiki bar at Sully's.

5) We find ourselves squinting to read stuff more and more.

6) We won't drink Four Loko and other like "alcoholic energy" drink because "that's dangerous."

7) Video games these days are too complicated.

8) It's a tad embarrassing when you get invited to an 80's party by a younger group of friends and while there you realize that you are pretty much the only one that actually remembers a good deal of the 1980's.

9) Though being part of the younger crowd at the bar doesn't seem like all that long ago, on a regular basis we see young people in the bar and think that they look way too young to drink.

10) The days after visiting bars just get progressively worse and worse.


  1. LOL
    I get it, and believe me, it's unavoidable if you're living an authentic life. I love music and have always tried to remain current and give all musical genres a chance, but for the first time since I owned a transistor radio (yeah, I am that old) of my own, I don't know most of the artists on the pop charts these days, and most of it sounds lazy. The orchestrations/arrangements sound amateurish and lame.

    My grandparents said the same about rock and roll bands playing the same three cords, so I have arrived. I'll save a rocking chair for you.

  2. I've seen Tori Amos there once or twice. So it happens a lot more than people think.

  3. Great post. I am love in it. Thanks for the same.

  4. Great Post.The 90's are so fresh in my mind yet so long ago.I told kids I work with(20 yr olds),that I was going to see Soundgarden.They were like,who are they?