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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Party With HPSU Tonight

Looking for a place to party tonight in Hartford? Look no further than Mad Dawgs with our good friends over at the Hartford Party Starters Union.  These guys are always a great time and on the cutting edge of the music scene.  Who is Samo Sound Boy and what will be going down at Mad Dawgs? Well we don't know who anyone is unless they recorded an album pre-2000 (we're kind of old) so we'll just grab from the info from the HPSU blog;

We are bringing back our boy Samo Sound Boy all the way from Cali to get the dance floor rolling. we are also going to celebrate the birthdays of two of Hartford finest young ladies Molly Lantagne and Gabbie Barnes. So get the word out and come out and party like its 2009! SEE YOU THERE!!!

Samo Sound Boy is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ whose powerful live sets, and original productions have brought him to the forefront of today’s global club scene. His introduction as an artist came in 2005 when Samo spent a year living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he learned to DJ from experimental cumbia producers at the now infamous Fugees 99, a Nigerian-owned dancehall in the city’s south end. Compounding those influences with a love of crunk and ghetto house, Samo emerged to create a uniquely rugged but soulful sound of his own. With his second EP released through Palms Out Sounds, another for Trouble and Bass, and forthcoming remixes for the likes of Tim Dolla, Bassanova, and NGUZUNGUZU, Samo is only getting started spreading his club aesthetic that Chicago journalist Dave Quam described as: “Weird, banging, and beautiful. Like a shortwave radio recording of all the best stations at once.”

Sounds good to us. With two of Hartford's "finest ladies" celebrating their birthdays it is sure to be a rollicking good time at Mad Dawgs. RSVP here. Check out some video of the last time HPSU had Samo in town.


  1. Amazing!

    Taken individually the music, the graphics, and the lights really aren't very good. But when you put them all together they really, really stink!

  2. That was one of the worst videos I've ever watched