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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Force Is Strong With Gerry Brooks

More Hakaan master photoshopping for your pleasure

Gerry Brooks is a good friend of Sad City.  Not only have we been watching him on the local news for years, but we have managed to become kind on "internet friends" through Sad City.  Gerry has been a commenter, subject of an interview, and a contestant in "Hot In Hartford" on Sad City.  We thought we knew a lot about Gerry. Wednesday night we may have learned a whole lot more.

While watching the NHL Finals Game that was in a 0-0 very late we wondered what Sad City readers that had been Whalers fans would think of the NHL Finals.  Would they root for or against the Boston Bruins, the Whalers former hated rival, but the closest NHL team to Hartford since the Whale left in 1997?  Being 2011, as soon as we have an idle thought we immediately went to Twitter to gauge the temperate of our followers.

This was about 10:53 PM. At this point there was about 2 minutes left in the game and it was looking like the game could go into overtime.  Now for those that are unaware, in the playoffs hockey games goes until someone scores.   That means occasionally games can go on until one or two in the morning.  It isn't common but it can happen.  Minutes after we "tweeted" we got some responses coming in (so exciting!) We noticed one from our friend Gerry;

Now we should mention that this game was airing on NBC, where Gerry does an excellent job anchoring the local news.  We should also mention that a prime time sporting event is almost always followed by the local news (except on the West Coast) and that when the sporting event runs longer than expected, well the news people just have to sit around (ok, we have no idea what they really do; ping-pong, office pranks, Trivial Pursuit, in the old days they could probably knock back a couple of Schlitz but everything is SO corporate now) and wait for the sporting event to end before they go on air.

The networks never leave a sporting event for other programming.  This is because of the infamous "Heidi Game" interruption.

(If you watched that clip doesn't the Heidi director come off as a real jerk? Would anyone remember Heidi if not for the controversy over that game?)

Anyway we digress.  We saw Gerry's tweet at 10:56.  While it was still 10:56 Vancouver scored to go ahead 1-0 with all over 18 seconds left to play.  LITERALLY SECONDS AFTER GERRY TWEETED.

Needless to say the game was over and Gerry and the local NBC News team were on air by 11.

A little suspicious no?

Gerry quickly tried to deflect the wielding of his impressive powers by first claiming coincidence and then attempting to change the subject.

Nice try Gerry.  Looks like another episode of Sad City cracking the case.  Either;

A) Gerry is a Jedi Knight with power over sporting events

B) Dave Smith tipped Gerry off that he could recognize a team was about to score

C) Gerry has one of those future sports almanacs like Biff did in Back To The Future II

You decide.  Follow Gerry on Twitter here.  Follow us here.


  1. If you shaved down Chubacca, he might look suspiciously like a relative of Gerry Brooks, signed guy in glass house

  2. Very suspicious to me.

    My advice is to lash him to a giant stone and cast him into the CT river.

    If he floats........

  3. BTTF II, love the youtube clip.

  4. Didn't want to publicly reveal the Jedi thing, but...

    And hey Jimmy, let's go for it! I'm thinking I'll float.