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Friday, June 24, 2011

Mayoral Mud Slung

Hartford's Mayoral race is underway and of course that means some good old mudslinging is sure to follow.  Sad City has already interviewed three of the four main players in the Mayoral race and continues our lengthy wait for the much promised fourth interview.

The main characters in the drama that will unfold over the next few months are the incumbent Pedro Segarra, the career educator Edwin Vargas, the tv personality J.Stan McCauley, and the well financed law partner Shawn Wooden.  Today we look at J.Stan's interesting response to some mudslinging in his direction.

The rampant growth of social media has made it increasingly easier to follow political candidates and for candidates to communicate with potential voters. Today on Facebook, in response to negative charges levied against him, Mr. McCauley reposted the charges on his Facebook page and then responded that he understood mudslinging, but that he would not address the comment.   An interesting tact for sure, but then again Mr. McCauley seems to be running on a platform that he is different from the usual politician.  Given this approach we aren't arguing with that.

The only thing we are confused about is the implication that there is any required level of moral character and fidelity for politicians. we would have thought everyone would be completely disabused of that notion by now.

Robin D. Lewis wrote:

Not s fan of Mr. McCauley especially after Pastor Stan cheated on his wife of 20+ years, fails to pay child support for his three children from this union one of which is Autisic and then marries his jump off. Now what kind of example does he set. Not my idea of a potential candidate for Mayor.....

My Reply:
Bless your Heart Robin. I guess you, your kids, and Chris won't be voting for me.

How are Chris and the Kids?
Your Friend,
Pastor Stan

My Commentary:

I guess this is what they are talking about when they said the race will get dirty. (I'm Smiling at this point) Well, we in camp McCauley don't mind. This is a big boy sport! But be forewarned. As the default confidant for half of the city for over "20+ years" trust me when I tell you, anyone that thinks they are going to escape a strong and swift response to unwarranted attacks that are aimed at derailing the return of good government to the people of Hartford are sadly mistaken. The hand only punches what the brain tells it to. Ms. Lewis is just the hand. I hold the brain responsible for what it's hands do, you may want to think twice before you swing and miss a second time, I only turn the other cheek once.

Your team represents you at all times, their actions are your actions and I hold you accountable for what they do and say.

As a public figure the comment by Ms. Lewis isn't worthy of  a response. However as a political figure who is in the process of securing an office to bring about change that is substantive for the people of Hartford I have no choice but to respond to this and all others yet to come.

This election is not about being popular it is about real chage that will shift power from the hands of gate keeping agents that have held the community down for to long. Those agent will do anything they can to stop that from happening. As the voice to the people it is not about me it is about them. So I understand that I must be taken out of play. That is where the dirt comes in, whither real or perceived. The candidates that do this can not win any other way and it is important to keep that in mind. Weak, cowardly, PABs that are running behind that can only win if they have no opponent to box when they get in the ring. Well the ring is election day and no attack will stop camp McCauley from winning at the polls.

You know it, we know it, but most of all, the people know it!

It's not personal, it's politics.

J. Stan McCauley


  1. It's shaping up as another exciting campaign. However, I don't think any of these pretenders can match the great Thurman Milner's galvanizing campaign slogan:


    Kinda puts the ball in the voters' court, doesn't it?

  2. Pastor McCauley you have yet to deny the comments made. It's only mudd slinging if the comments are NOT TRUE!!!

  3. Accountability begins with access - 860-944-9797 - to any and all that feel they have a need to know. That is my number 24/7. I have been and continue to be an open book. Call me and we can have this and any other conversation that you would like.

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