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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Monster Mattress Colony

Regular Sad City readers are familiar with our fascination with the mattress colonies that pop up out of the concrete to add a certain flair to our city's streets.   Some readers even take it upon themselves to become amateur mattressoligists and submit their own finds.   This colony, which really can only be defined as a tower, was submitted by reader Zazzattack, and we must say we are impressed.

This is a true Hartford natural wonder.  Note the two plastic wrapped mattress at the base of this tower. While an untrained eye might think that the top of the tower should be plastic wrapped to shield it from rain, wrapping the bottom of the tower keeps the base of the tower dry and stable.

After a piece of folded foam we then find a boxspring, two mattresses, what appears to be a papasan cushion, and then another mattress to top off the tower.  We really like how the tower has that cream-blue-cream-blue color scheme flow to it.  Also note what appears to be either burn marks or the growth of mold on the side of most of the mattresses.  We would say both are equally likely.  With warm weather here, Sad City residents will no doubt see many mattresses gathering on the sidewalks, yet only the lucky few will be able to spot such a colony as impressive as this.


  1. A lot of times plastic = bedbugs!!!

  2. Why do you keep calling my bed a mattress colony?

  3. And the icy grip of insomnia tightens round the city.

  4. Enough with the mattresses! You guys need some new material

  5. Those mattresses most likely had bed bugs. Those stains are the fecal matter from the bugs + owner scrubbing mattresses to kill bugs. Whenever you see mattresses (or furniture) on the street, give them some distance as you pass. Bed Bugs Are A Nightmare!