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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hartford Houses Of Worship: North End

The North End is an area of Hartford that gets a bad rap, and in many respects that reputation is deserved.  While it is a very poor area with a fair share of crime some out of town readers and Sad City residents might be surprised to learn that we do on occasion walk the streets of the Hartford neighborhood and to date we have yet to be shot but we will keep you posted if that changes.  While exploring the North End and stuffing our faces with Jamaican beef patties, we took some more pictures of Hartford houses of worship.  The above house is located on the corner of Albany and Woodland across the street from an abandoned lot we profiled last summer.

This church on Granby Street is clearly out of business.  The MDC truck was enjoying a lengthy break in the parking lot.

Yet do not lose faith. Right next door to the closed Church of Christ on Granby Street is the New Hope Christian Ministries.  The contrast in this and our church on the corner of Woodland and Albany (or our feature on behemoths) is a prime example of why we started taking pictures of houses of worship;  they literally come in all shapes and sizes.  Some couldn't be more noticeable, while some couldn't be more nondescript.

This church is located on Woodland St. Last summer we attended a baptist revival meeting here.  That was one of the more memorable experiences during the life of this blog.

Here is another picture of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church on F.D. Oates Ave (we still don't know who F.D. Oates is).   Though it has been featured on an earlier edition of Hartford Houses Of Worship, we just like this building so much we thought it warranted another picture. The face of the building is so impossibly flat.....


  1. You guys are really lucky. I get shot every time I go to the north end, its become somewhat of a tradition.