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Monday, March 26, 2012

Capitol West, We Hardly Knew Ye

Anybody know the significance of these posters? On the near-eve of the funeral services for the old capitol west building, thought it apropos to put up some pictures of the old gal in memory.

According to this Hartford Courant article, the ceremony to mark the beginning of the demolition will be on April 4th. Sure, it's a decrepit mess of an office building...but is anybody else going to miss it a little bit? And before you answer that, have you ever seen the sun set through its myriad pane-less windows?


  1. A bit...back in my bike messenger days we used to ride our bikes in here..it was creepy though.

  2. Who is Linda S?

  3. the posters were the work of a friend / classmate of mine. He doesn't live in the area anymore. the posters were for project a couple years ago. they've been there a while. no specific meaning pertaining to the building itself i guess.

  4. too bad bad the price of copper wasnt what it is in todays market, would have made a killing at the scrap yard.