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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bad Parking Award

Parking in Hartford really isn't that difficult at all. Sure, our neighbors in Vermont might think it's a hassle, but compared to other cities it really is a delight. While we don't find parking here difficult at all, those from Texas seem to differ. To be fair, Texas is like 3,247,721 times the size of Connecticut with wide open spaces, but c'mon lady, we are trying to live in a society here!

This bad parker was spotted by a South End resident across from the Barry Square post office where Campfield and Maple merge. To the right you can see a car occupying the last parking spot, but not deterring our bad parker from parking where she wants to, when she wants. Also not that this car is clearly in a crosswalk, also a violation. But hey, it is the South End, which when it comes to driving is pretty much the wild, wild west. Don't mess with this parker.


  1. There siimply are no norms - never mind obeying the law.

  2. From what I've seen in any city in CT, there can be neon signs pointing to designated parking in abundance and our wonderful citizens will always continue to park where ever it's more convenient for them (including blocking hadicap raps, cross walks, or even on side walks)! This woman may have Texas plates but I'd bet she's from Hartford.

  3. Um, I think she needs a wider berth than most area parkers.

    1. kind of mean..but funny!

  4. But if she had her flashers on it would have been fine, right? Don't flashers mean you get to do whatever and park wherever the hell you want?

  5. That's my Post Office [Barry Square]. She really is just following normal protocol for Hartford parking in that area. It's nothing new.