With its low self-esteem and high urban blight, Hartford is the ultimate underdog city. Sad City Hartford documents the joys, sorrows and eccentricities of New England's Rising Star.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Morning Hartford!

Ahhh, the morning. Bringing us the drone of an alarm, newly updated sports scores, fresh coffee, and a full bladder, it is a time of day both loved and reviled. No matter what side of the bed you wake up on, it's undisputed that morning gives us a couple of the most unique hours of the day.

Here we see the sun rising from behind the Traveler's Tower on an early spring morning. Not a bad way to start the day. Or, on the other hand, an unwelcome site for those that had a particularly lengthy evening. If that's the case, time to go home and sleep off that Gold Club breakfast buffet.

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