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Monday, July 26, 2010

Get "Free" Wacky Newspaper in Exchange for "Donation"

While we have truly reached the dog days of summer in Hartford, there isn't any slowing down for Sad City (we will wait for winter, when we will hole up in our apartments and play XBox all evening.) In just the last week we were on WCCC where we announced a weekly spot with good friend Craig The Porn Star. We also visited Bushnell Park for a party thrown by our friends at The Hartford Party Starter's Union, saw the return of Chuckles to the site and continued the great Pay Phone Search. Saturday afternoon we found this interesting gentlemen at the Main and Albany split hawking what we can only assume is zany propaganda of some sort. (the bowtie is a huge tip off.) Since we are total suckers for wacky stuff we figured we'd be in for a good read. We were then informed that acquiring the "free" paper required a $1 "donation." Having no cash on hand, we were forced to leave without being enlightened. First, why the legal wrangling about "donations?" Without consulting Sad City's large legal department, we are going to guess it's a taxation issue, with churches not having to pay taxes and all. Second, what is with charging for wacky propaganda? Isn't most zany propaganda freely distributed? As much as we love propaganda, what we love even more is FREE propaganda!

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