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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Beat the Heat in Hartford

It is crazy hot here in Hartford and it looks like it will continue to be that way for the upcoming days. How does one beat the heat in Hartford? Two words; Lemon Ice. It is hard to imagine a tastier treat and if one travels to the South End, there are many excellent lemon ice vendors. Two in particular stand out; Mozzicato's and Modern Pastry.
Both are iconic Franklin Avenue bakeries that offer an incredible array of tasty treats. Both offer superb lemon ices. (I'm sure the other flavors are also good, but why would anyone get anything else when lemon is available?) If forced to choose we would have to give the slight edge to Mozzicato's if only for the ability to enjoy the lemon ice in the very cool Mozzicato Caffe attached to the bakery. The Caffe is open late and not only serves pizza and a full range of desserts, but also offers a variety of alcoholic drinks and beers. It is a perfect option to stop in for a late coffee, and after dinner drink and dessert or a late stop to impress your date with your knowledge of cool places in Hartford. Next time you're on a date give it a shot and if it works come back and thank me.


  1. fyi--i love mozz--but they don't accept credit cards so come with cash

  2. I bought a cake at Mozzicato's with a credit card. Perhaps they have a minimum charge?

  3. $10 minimum charge. Can buy A TON of Lemon ice for $10!

  4. Man there was nothing better than grabbing a Latte and some of that freshly made caramel ice cream!!!