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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rocking Out in Bushnell Park: Our Top 6 Favorite Dancers

We went out to Hartford's 375th birthday concert in Bushnell Park last night. The festivities were planned by the Hartford Party Starters Union and the Wadsworth Atheneum. Despite the rain, it was a really good time. We really need more stuff like this, people.

We'll let other more qualified types review the evenings music. Our review will focus primarily on our six favorite dancers.

Basketball Jones
He's a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction. His lifeguard sweatshirt says "safety," but his basketball mask obstructs his field of vision. He was one of the few people in costume, but his dance moves were seriously understated. Regardless, he makes the list.

Towel Guy
Looking like Little Mac's trainer in Mike Tyson's Punch Out, he was definitely getting his groove on. We assume the towel is used to either soak up moisture or to keep him cool, but we like how he has incorporated it into his dance moves. (SIDE NOTE: Why are guys always walking around the city with hand towels on their head? Can someone explain this growing trend to us? We see it happen a lot.)

Fashion WTF Girl
Seen hanging out backstage, Fashion WTF Girl was an eclectic mix of God-knows-what. While we enjoyed her American Bandstand style moves and her strong fauxhemian fashion vibe (a tight, hot pink spandex dress with a trucker hat), her choice of accessorizing with a CamelBak is what made us fall in love. And why do we call her "Fashion WTF Girl?" Because we are pretty sure that when she was getting ready to go out last night, at some point she probably thought, "Fashion? WTF."

His a little hard to pick out, but he's the guy in the blue raglan shirt. This guy both looked and moved like McLovin. 'Nuff said.

Little Kid with Big Afro
We liked his style. He is a man (boy) who dances with no fear. His aggressive moves really stole the show, until he yielded to his mom...

Little Kid with Big Afro's Mom
All we can say is, like whoa.