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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hartford Business: Del Norte Grocer

When we were going into the Pan De Oro chip factory a couple weeks ago, we noticed what appeared to be a Mexican Grocer at the end of the industrial park Pan De Oro is located in. Being in an industrial park, we first guessed it was a restaurant supply type store, selling products in bulk. After all, an industrial park next to train tracks didn't seem like the place where one would find a small grocer.

After our visit to Pan De Oro we watched a train chug past as we stood about 15 feet away and then stopped in to Del Norte and found, much to our surprise, that it is in fact a small Mexican grocer. While chatting with the owner, we learned that the shop has been in business about three years. A small shop, the grocer has a small deli case of meats, a good produce selection, and a lot of imported groceries. While we love Mexican food, we passed on the pork rinds and container of rendered pork fat.

When we did go to purchase a jar of mole sauce the owner told us that if we wanted some authentic mole sauce we should try the other kind located in the cooler that contained other sauces and seasoned pork. We took him up on the advice, and when we later prepared the mole sauce with a chicken leg quarter and brown rice, we were glad we had listened.

If you're looking to make some Mexican, Del Norte is worth checking out. The address is 3468 Main Street. The shop is located far off the street, basically when you see a red brick complex and the street numbers are close, pull in. Of course while you are shopping at Del Norte, you might as well pop in and visit their neighbor and our friends over at Pan De Oro for some great local chips. 

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  1. As a sidenote, they do supply restaurants as well. Wood-n-Tap has been getting a few items from them for years!