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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Beat City Beauties Hit The Liquid Lounge

Over the last year Liquid Lounge at the CT Science Center has quickly became one of the must attend events on the Hartford social calendar. Liquid Longe returns Friday, December 2, highlighted by the Beat City Beauties who are well on there way to establishing themselves as a must see event on the Hartford circuit. The Beauties are a burlesque dance troupe with six members: Maddy Hatter, Buns Anderson, Patty Cake, Victoria Van Layer, Glam Chop, Anna Tainment and Leena Colada. The group has been performing for about a year but came into the conscious of many in the area through this excellent Hartford Courant article by Bettina Hansen in late October. It's a great piece of work and we aren't going to pretend we can do any better. 

We did get the chance to do is to visit the Beat City Beauties during a rehearsal for the show at the Liquid Lounge. The show is going to be a vaudeville type show featuring a strongman (we believe the strongman to have trained as a wrestler as we heard him tell a Beauty while setting up for a suplex that "Killer Kowalski taught me this.") Seeing a very, very large man having acrobatic moves be performed on and around him by much smaller women is quite a sight. No doubt it should be something to see Friday at Liquid Lounge.

While we it was fun to watch the Beauties rehearse with the strongman, we did have a couple nervous moments on some of their more daring moves where we thought we might be witness to an unfortunate Beauty taking a vicious fall, but luckily such a scene was averted. 

During a break from rehearsal we sat down to chat and have a clementine with the Beauties. Currently at six, there has been a somewhat revolving cast and the group performs once a month. Some have a dancing and/or cheerleading background while others have no similar experience. We aren't quite sure if tattoos are a prerequisite to membership in the troupe, but it appears possible. We also aren't sure if they intend to take up the Sad City suggestions to go "full on vaudeville" by incorporating midgets and fire eaters into the show, the whole group was friendly and outgoing and all were a pleasure to meet. 

Sadly, the Friday show won't feature the usual Beat City Beauty attire of thongs and pasties, as despite being a 21+ event, the museum event planners were worried about how some of the board members might react to such attire. A museum censoring thongs and pasties? Well we certainly can't exactly endorse that decision, but nonetheless, we can assure you Liquid Lounge will be fun and the Beauties will put on a great show. Liquid Lounge is at the Science Center December 2, from 6-10PM. The event is 21+ tickets can be bought at the door for $15 or $10 before the event at the Science Center website

For more on the Beat City Beauties Bettina Hansens' article that was referenced above is a must read. Bettina's photos of the Beauties are also a must see. Check out the Beat City Beauties website here and be sure to "Like" them on Facebook here. Also check out this video of the rehearsal we attended. 


  1. Beat City Beauties LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this!!!

  2. Good show BC Beauties and Sad City! I look forward to seeing your show this Friday!

  3. Beat City Beauties you screwed me out of time I get no press I get no video U re injure me you promised me at least pics be a woman of your word. We agreed on text and with a handshake. Please email me the photos of my strong man act that is all. You use my image on your facebook page and I never agreed to that. Please send me the photos of MY ACT I ask you please.