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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day

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Election Day 2011 is upon us and voting for Mayor and City Council is currently underway. We will leave endorsing candidates to proper newspapers, a function traditionally done by papers for over a hundred years. While we also wouldn't go as far as to call ourselves journalists, we have been running verbatim interviews with Hartford politicians, including all relevant Mayoral candidates, for almost a year. Today being election day we thought we would revisit those interviews so readers can take a last look at the candidates before heading out to vote.


Mayor Pedro Segarra was interviewed by Sad City back in January.

J.Stan McCauley was also interviewed in January.

Edwin Vargas was interviewed in March.


Councilman Luis Cotto was the first Sad City interview back in December, and then became the first person to be interviewed twice by Sad City in July.

Attorney Shawn Wooden was a Mayoral candidate when we did this interview with him in June. After a lengthy wait Wooden's team finally delivered the interview only a couple days before Wooden dropped out of the Mayor race and switched his focus to City Council.

Ed. Note: We received a request to interview Reverend Patrice Smith. We were provided with an email address for Ms. Smith, but then told she would be unable to answer questions over email.

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