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Friday, November 4, 2011

Beer One-Upsmanship

Oh, you like the dark notes and the woody aroma, eh?

The craft beer movement of the last decade has been nothing short of great for American beer. It wasn't so long ago that for American beer the selection was basically; Bud, Miller, or Coors. Today walk into any package store and there are dozens of different American brewers whipping out all sorts of different types of beers. Our local brewer, Hooker, is whipping up a Watermelon Ale and a Nor'Easter winter brew to go along with their regular selections. The American brewing revolution has been awesome.

Of course with any revolution, there will be drawbacks. The Beer Revolution's drawback is the breeding of the ever annoying beer snob. This is a very annoying breed, unhappy with their own selves, (most likely due to poor dating circumstances and marginal career prospects) these poor souls have decided they are going to look down with contempt on those who order a beer that is below their standards. We swear we got a roll of the eyes when we ordered a Budweiser at The Half Door not long ago. Hey man, it's a depression!

Ed. Note: The only beers Sad City deems to come with judgment are (male only) Corona and Bud Light Lime.

 This beer snob can come in all types and sizes. Be on the lookout for one who tries to dress as the perpetual college student; possibly someone who eschews American sports for soccer and wears a beret. (Always a possible sign of trouble.)

Luckily we have found a counter to the beer snob. A few weeks back we were out visiting a friends farm and helping them pick their hops harvest. (Believe it or not, Sad City spent the majority of early years on farms.) While picking the hops and drinking home brew, somehow we got to tossing hops into each others glasses. The proverbial lightbulb went on. "Wouldn't it be great to carry a couple hops around and when some dude at a bar was going on about what a beer expert he was, to just whip out a baggy of hops and be like ""As any true beer drinker would know, I never truly enjoy a brew without a fresh hop in it"" and then dramatically drop the hop into the brew?"

While you might not have fresh hops at hand, once again Sad City is ready to come to the rescue with a good deed. Save the above pic and then email it to your phone. That way you can use the same one upsmanship by flashing the pic of "you" drinking with a hop in "your" beer. Bye bye beer snob. Now let's change that soccer match to the MLB Network please.


  1. Bud light and clamato is worse than bud light lime and also worthy of judgement imo.

  2. If you feel shame for drinking bud light, it's probably know deep down inside that you're only a step away from licking bar room floors. There are enough decent choices which are relatively mainstream and affordable that there is no excuse but alcoholism for drinking any Bud, Coors, or Miller product.

  3. The sightings of new types of beer show the creative growth that has been sprung upon America and that has spread to all large American cities such as Hartford.

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