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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Mezmerizing Carlos Food Dancers

From time to time, we love to feature great dancing on Sad City Hartford. Earlier this week, we stumbled upon quite possibly the greatest dancing the city has ever seen…and it is all available on YouTube. And it's not just the dancing that's amazing. The video productions themselves are pretty mind blowing in their stripped down,authentic aesthetic. Sad City Hartford is pleased to introduce pielcanela75. She's like the D.A. Pennebaker of YouTube clips shot in off-brand grocery stores.

Pielcanela75's best work is a series of three short clips of dance contest held in the a Carlos Food on Albany Avenue.

The first video features a character named the Nutty Professor. The Professor show comes solid moves, but he gets a bit shy when he finds out that he is going to be featured on "YouTube.com."

The second video features the Cobra Woman.

The third and most glorious clip features Hutchinson. Looking like a 40-year-old version of Steve Urkel, Hutch has some serious moves.

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