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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adolf's Meat & Sausage

Adolf's is located on New Britain Ave in Hartford's South End. It's across the street from the empty Mega Foods market. The first thing almost everyone will notice about Adolf's is the name. Going with Adolf is quite a move given that the name has been out of fashion for oh.....let's say about 70 years or so. Nonetheless, Adolf's it is.

Once inside Adolf's the first thing you will notice is the meat case and the impressive collection of brauts, kielbasa, and other tubed meats. There has to be at least three dozen different types of tubed meats on display. Also for sale are many smoked meats, and other deli meats and cheeses to be sliced up for cold cuts. Adolf's also sells a full complement of beef and veal cuts.
We aren't quite sure, but from the newspapers and the freezer full of pierogies we saw, we're guessing that the proprietors are Polish. Adolph's is small and sells European groceries, sodas, candy and other imported goods not found at major supermarket chains. Have a hankering for a jar of full anchovies to go with your tubed meat? Adolf's is your place.

Adolph's won't replace whatever your normal grocery store is for your day to day shopping, but if you are a fan of tubed meats (and let's be honest, who isn't) you might find Adolph's added to your rotation of grocery stores. Well worth a visit.


  1. Wow, weird.

    I read your blog this morning about storms.

    I go to Adolfs for a Kielbasa (garlic) for dinner.

    I come home, read your blog again and there it is.

    Try the canned sauerkraut from Germany. No vinegar, cooked in wine. Very mild.

    Goes well with beans also.


  2. Try throwing a dozen or so juniper berries and very thinly sliced onion in the sauerkraut while cooking. Do NOT eat the juniper berries...for flavor only.

  3. Try Mrs. Lovett's meat pies.

    God that's good!

  4. Do they still have the smoked eel? After a few bites its a rush.

  5. Used to walk by this place everyday to school....miss good ol hartford

  6. ton of excellent smoked meats available like schwein haxen, polendwicza,hams,and killer pork chops plus fresh steaks. we got the whole smoked pig FILLED with sausage stuffing for a couple of parties we had. true pigroast experience, great for octoberfest. They will make it in ANY size. just ask.(our first was 35 lbm., last one was 130 lbm.)very reasonable price. nice hardworking folks there. never seen them cutting any corners.

  7. Used to go here as a small child with my mom in the early 80's. Best smoked Euro style meats hands down in that area. Lived on School Street, went through the hole in the chain link and cut through the Finast parking lot. Attended SS. Cyril & Methodius Catholic school. Looking at Google maps it's sad how this area has become so much of a dump. not like when I was little.