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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Face The State Flashback: The Hartford Rams

Pic courtesy of The Hartfordite

Face The State is an excellent local news program on Sundays at 11 AM on Channel 3. It is hosted by Sad City friend Dennis House. Heck, Hakaan even appeared on the show this summer. While Face The State is usually dedicated to current events, occasionally Dennis will use a segment to revisit a news topic of days past. A couple weeks ago he aired this great flashback (video after the jump) a news event that somehow, we at Sad City totally forgot about.

This clip is great for many reasons. First, when we say "1994" it doesn't seem all that long ago. Then when you get to thinking about it, boy, was that a long time ago. It seems like forever since L.A. had a football team. Second, how awesome is the clip of Bo Jackson when the Raiders are mentioned? Third, while today the idea of an NFL team coming to Hartford seems far fetched, this clip shows that this type of big thinking mentality for the city was alive not too long ago. With four to six NHL teams facing dire financial situations, it isn't a stretch to think that one day soon Hartford may have the opportunity to score another NHL franchise. Now wouldn't that be something?

Ed. Note: No word on whether if the Rams stadium had extended out to the Marlborough area they would have been renamed the RHAMs.


  1. Careful what you wish for. I don't think any major league pro team can succeed in CT. Most of the potential fanbase is already devoted to other teams that are 2 hours or less away and on most cable packages. An NFL team probably could, because of their TV deal and the fact that need only sell out 10 games, but the cost of the new facilities & infrastructure a team would want to move here would easily outstrip any benefit to the community.

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