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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

After The Storm: The West End

After hiding out for two days following the stunning October snowstorm, Sad City decided to venture out and survey what damage still remained. What we found was that there is still a stunning amount of damage and that there are lots of people out working to clear downed trees from the road. For the most part Hartford residents are luckier than others; while some residents are without power, Hartford and its legendary power grid fared well, many surrounding towns are 100% in the dark, facing potentially a second week without power after losing power for a week from Irene only two months ago.

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  1. I live in the West End and someone told me that I must live around important places such as a hospital, police station, or someone very important, I figured since I live near the Governor...yeah, it's pretty important...on top of that I live near St. Francis Hospital, another important place, as well as an old folks home...yet another important place, so I was lucky