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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal?  If you has suggested to us, even two days ago (never mind at our birth) that Sad City might even be read, never mind mentioned by a Wall Street Journal reporter...well, you would probably own a solid, albeit old, gas guzzling pickup truck. When we noticed someone named Shelly Banjo, labeled a Wall Street Journal reporter was following us in Twitter, our first reaction was "that name sounds made up." Then again you are reading someone who in the second week of Contracts class was asked what they thought of a case and replied "I thought the name Judge Learned Hand sounded made up." Academia was never exactly our forte.

Ms. Banjo was actually very real and we talked to her about a story she was doing on Mayor Segarra's new aggressive approach on improving the city. The article is here, but it's behind a paywall. As an addendum to her story Ms. Banjo added the blog post above where Sad City got mentioned. While we love the mention, there is an error in that I am the only creator of the blog. While he has certainly been the less active of the two, the fact of the matter is the blog wouldn't exist without the partnership with Jumper McKay. Jumper has without a doubt wrote some of the most amusing posts ever featured on Sad City.

Anyway. We are humbled, super stoked, and hope readers new and old keep enjoying our work and enjoying our city from both near and far. Thanks to all who take the time to read.

Also the very best of luck to The Second District. Sad City lore will tell you this blog was totally inspired by The Wire, so if you guys can pull off a show of that ilk, anything even close to that...awesome.

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Oh yeah, now that we've made a NYC paper we probably need a driver for our power lunches. Apply within. Working for peanuts is all good and fine, but I can show you a better time.


  1. Here is a link to the full article, may only be good for a few days.....


  2. You sure you aren't from the 70's?