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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dinosaurs Terrorize Hartford

Apparently some eggheads at the Connecticut Science Center thought it would be a good idea to extract dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes trapped in amber. Don't they know how awful that went last time they tried that?

Should the people of Hartford be concerned for their safety? Is it reasonable to expect a 6-foot chain link fence to stop a 50-foot dinosaur? When asked for comment the Connecticut Science Center stated:
"Fear not Hartfordites! The Life-Size 55’ long Apatosaurus is an extension of our new blockbuster exhibit Dinosaurs Unearthed that will be running tomorrow through September 2! The exhibit features 14 Life-Size animatrnoic dinosaurs, 3 full-scale skeletons, 23 fossil specimens and interactive activities. Over the next few days, the giant creature’s new digs on the corner of Grove St. and Columbus Avenue will undergo some improvements. It’s rumored that he may even “come to life” next week."
Great....more robots. We've seen all the Terminator movies. That didn't end well either. How long do we have to wait until they become

Hopefully T-REX doesn't try anything silly.

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  1. Hopefully those things run wild in the streets