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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hartford Photo Of The Week

This photo was taken by William H. Thompson and owned by the Connecticut State Library. Last week we looked at a few photos from this remarkable collection but did not include this particular beauty. Featured in this photo taken between 1903-1906 are the State Capitol, the Soldier's Memorial Arch and Bushnell Park, all easily recognizable by Hartfordites a century later.

The most noticeable difference from today is the Park River flowing under the Memorial Arch and through the park. While the iQuilt doesn't propose relinquish the Park River from its sub-terrain sentence, it does aim to unearth the bridge and install a faux river in the park.

A really great photo from the William H Thompson collection. Check the whole collection out here.

Do you have a photo that you think is worthy of Hartford Photo Of The Week? Email it in for consideration.

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