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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hartford Answers Nigeria

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Recently we received an email from a Mr. Booker McCain that appeared to have been intended for a different recipient, but promised great wealth. Perhaps you have received a similar email.

"I have been waiting for you to pick up your Cashier Check of $2,811,041.00 USD (TWO MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND FORTY-ONE US DOLLARS) before I leave the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but you did not show up as I did not hear from you. I am writing to inform you that I have deposited your cashier check with UNITED PARCEL SERVICE there in Nigeria.

For your information, I'm now in Japan to resume my new job offer and I will not go back to Nigeria till next year. Please you have to contact the United Parcel Service of Nigeria to know when they will deliver your package to your resident address.

Note that I have paid for the security keeping fee. You only have to pay the shipping/handling fee which cost $175.00 US Dollars to receive your check parcel as agreed with Ups Courier Company.

Don't be deceived by anyone because I have paid for the security keeping fee before they accepted the Cashier check. You will only pay $175.00 USD to receive your check parkage.

Please contact the UPS company with their below details:

United Parcel Service
Name: Collins Abba
Tel: +23481XXXXXX
E-mail: upsex@XXX.org

Thank you for your patience."

Now most would just delete the email and move along with their day, but at this point you should know that we don't have much to fill our time at Sad City. Plus, if there is anything we hate it's being scammed. Nothing else quite makes our blood boil. Well maybe losing in fantasy baseball, but not much else more.

So what do we do? Well since Booker was looking for us, logically, we must be looking for him. Crossing parts of Africa can be quite dangerous (trust us, we know) and sometimes border crossing can take longer than expected. That's what happened here.

We are still waiting for a reply so we can consummate the transaction.

"Hello sir, 

I was waiting to hear from you. I am sorry but I had a mishap crossing the border in Nairobi that kept me from making our scheduled meeting. I look forward to making the cash transaction as we had planned. I have urgently been waiting here outside of Lagos in order for us to facilitate the exchange as planned. I have the package in my possession and await your confirmation of the cash delivery to complete the exchange.  will arrange for transport of your merchandise as our people arranged in Lagos. Please send further instructions."

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