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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Head West Young Man

Just remember to bring your sunglasses. Especially if you are heading down Farmington Ave around sunset. Sunsets are almost always wonderful to watch unless you happen to be driving into one in which case navigating roads like Farmington Ave become even more treacherous than usual.

It's curious that while literal sunsets are almost globally celebrated, metaphorical sunsets almost always reference a melancholy event. Especially if you're a top earner and the reference is to a sunset clause.

Whether it be the sun setting on a life, relationship, a good book, the baseball season, or a beloved tv show, metaphorical sunsets are at worst terribly depressing and at best bittersweet. Towards the end of a great book you start to realize every page brings you closer to the finish. Television shows finish with incredible difficultly. Whether it's bidding farewell to the characters of The Wire or wondering who hasn't dated who at this point on Friends, shows always seem to stagger to an unsatisfying end.

In reality, how often does anything ever come to a satisfying end?

Just remember to bring your sunglasses. Literally or metaphorically.

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  1. I love this narrative - a sharp romantic portrait without any gooeyness. Keep up the golden work and get some Ray-Ban's.