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Monday, April 16, 2012

Golden Slumbers?

If there is one thing all Hartford residents love as much as reading about pay phones it's reading about discarded mattresses! A curious problem that Sad City has been investigating for a long time, discarded mattresses continue to litter our streets at an alarming pace.

It looks like a solution to the mattress colonies might be on the horizon as the legislature continues to move forward with the mattress act. Is it by happenstance this act came to fruition after Sad City's doggedly pursuing the story? It certainly seems like quite the coincidence. Either way, we're just happy to see something happen. Once again Sad City is just doing what it can do to improve the city.

As always, when you're looking for real Hard-Hitten-Mark-Whiten Hartford news, Sad City is the place to be. Check out the proposed legislation below.

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