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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eddie Perez Lawyers and Supporters Continue To Be Confused and Inaccurate

Sentencing for convicted criminal and disgraced former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez (pictured with fellow thief of tax payer dollars former State Rep. Abraham Giles) is set for today. The Eddie Perez trial (see the illustrated guide here) was wrapping up just as Sad City was starting and gave us something to write about when we didn't have a clue  (we still don't) what we were doing.

In hoping for leniency for this wonderful public servant, oft-confused  (see Perez lawyers fail history)Perez lawyers Hubert Santos and Hope Seeley have gathered letters of support and made some more comments as reported by the Hartford Courant. Mmm, this is going to be good......
The Courant story by Jenna Carlesso contains this gem of a quote

"Notwithstanding the jury's verdict in this case, Mr. Perez's life has been defined by hard work, integrity and honesty," the mayor's attorneys, Hubert Santos and Hope Seeley, wrote in their sentencing memorandum. "The jury's verdict in finding Mr. Perez guilty in these cases is in sharp contrast to his outstanding history, character and background." (Emphasis added)

Well it is likely that engaging in bribery and extortion while serving as Mayor of a city is hard work. It doesn't seem like bribery, extortion and the the abuse of power and waste of tax dollars in a poor community is what we would call "integrity and honesty".

Carlesso then quotes Councilman Calixto Torres says "Because of him, the city is a better place to live." Maybe Calixto is confused and means to say that Perezs house is a better place to live after he received discounted home improvements from Carlos Costa in exchange for helping Costa hold onto the $5.3 million Park St. renovation that Costa continually botched.

Hartford school Superintendent Steven Adamowski: "[Perez is] one of the hardest working and dedicated public servants that I have worked for in 37 years in education leadership in four states"

Sad City suggests that investigators in Adamowski's former places of employment (sounds like Waterbury?) should get busy asap if that is the case.

Finally Perez's wife also begged for leniency. That's kind of nice and all and I suppose we should feel bad, but they have already tried to use her health as an excuse for Perez's rampant corruption and will soon use it to try and get the taxpayers to pay the pension of the man convicted of stealing money out of their pockets and then lying about it time and time again.

Sorry if we are rolling our eyes a bit.

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