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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Look Back At A Sad City Summer

A couple of months ago a pair of morons were looking for a project. One night one of the morons mentioned that he should take all his Hartford pics collected from wandering the city and make a blog. The second moron liked the idea and designed a blog that night. Sad City Hartford was born. Sad City Hartford gave us many adventures; we explored, we laughed, we cried (ok, no one cried but we thought Jumper was close while kayaking the Park River.) With help from some of our earliest supporters like Helen Ubinas, Craig The Porn Star, and The Hartford Party Starters Union, and readers in our Pay Phone contest, it appears people actually like our blog. With Labor Day marking the end of Summer, we look back at some of our favorite Sad City memories.
1. The Man in Sigourney Square Park: This video clip was taken sometime back in March. We weren't even sure what we were going to use it for but it seemed a good idea. It wouldn't be the last time we visited Sigourney Square Park but it was the best interview we ever got there.

2. We Found The Old North Cemetery: When we found it, it was in deplorable condition. We later found it being mowed as part of Mayor Segarra's City cleanup efforts.

3. Urban Kayaking: We spoke with good friend Craig The Porn Star about our attempt to kayak the Park River.

4. Liquor Store and Supermarket Guides: Sad City provided crucial information for those shopping local liquor stores and supermarkets.

5. Chuckles: Sad City's favorite Hartford resident, Chuckles was in a way a huge inspiration for this blog. We find nearly everything Chuckles says to be entertaining.

6. Franklin Ave and The South End: We wondered aloud many times about the problems in the South End and many solutions and problems were discussed in this essay.

7. The King Of Recycle: Sad City met the King of Recycle, a true individual and a great character in the City.

8. A Local Gas Station Profits and Supports The Narcotics Trade: Sad City located a gas station that openly supports and profits off of the drug trade.

9. Sad City Learns About Hartford History: Sad City looked at the departure of the Whalers and learned a funny story about old local adult establishments.

10, The Dead City Debate Rages On: Sad City weighed in on whether Hartford is a dead city.

One thing is for sure it was a memorable summer and Sad City thanks everyone who has visited out site.

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