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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hartford Pay Phone Contest: Pay Phone #20

Pay phone #20 is located on Capen St just feet from where a Smoker's Depot was held and an employee was shot up earlier this week. The store behind #20 could not possibly be more interesting. While billed as a variety store, the promise of hot dogs, sausages, soda billiards and video games make it sounds more like a teenage arcade heaven. It is puzzling though why the front has a trio of chairs that look like they may have been purchased the same time Aerosmith was first becoming popular. It took no more then 3 minutes of being in the neighborhood before a car rolled by and serenaded me with calls of "Yo Yo Yo!" Feel free to imagine for yourself what that might have been about.


  1. Does that phone instantly call 911 when you pick it up? If not it probably should.

  2. Did you read the article in todays advocate (Hartford is dead city #3)? The last girl moaning that Hartford is for "caucasians". IS SHE SERIOUS ? The city is 90% black and hispanic. I am old enough to remember when Hartford had class, and a nice racial mix. Bigots like her got their wish, a city where minorities are free to terrorize/kill each other. Hartford is Democrat Heaven, but it is everyone else's Hell. Glad I moved to West Hartford.

  3. Anonymous, please save the racist rants West Hartford town council meetings and the comments section of any courant.com story.

    - J